Live music

Welcome to Sam! A Live Music, American Bar.

All aquellos have pisado american territory sometimes is familiar with local aquellos donde, whilst s’endrapa a succulent burger or pizza buena, se puede escuchar live music. Bars are common in the country blues and rock, but scarce in our territory. Sam El Vendrell, somos unos de los few.

Whatever the day of the weekend offer direct actions, be it blues, jazz, rock bands or versions, in addition to the essential Jam Sessions abiertas to what todo quiero that the reservamos to Fridays.

Offer live music is risky in the current strokes, but if not sabemos da gente a plus to the situation Todavia se puede you put more black. Por eso centramos us not only in music, but in part Espectáculos organize different outdoor ya sean festivals, contests or whatever the type of fiestas.

Likewise, a fusion of somos cocktail bar and brewery, which also open between week. With the gin and tonics as Especialidad shaker and a range of a hundred beers, the restaurant is a perfect place to perform in it Encuentros or informal meetings or for a ellos After getting once it has terminated the workday.